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Alvin Tang

Alvin is a multidisciplinary visual artist who works with video, digital media, and installation. His work explores the connections between narratives of failure, broken relationships, and memory, with a particular emphasis on the leftovers of the past. In his ongoing practice, he experiments with the manipulation of original and found materials to show the threads connecting the past and reality, and he also attaches physical and virtual signifiers in these appropriated visuals where the original context has lost its meaning. As a result, his works serve as relics of failed love and abandoned ideals. He is currently completing his MA in Fine Arts at LASALLE College of The Arts - Goldsmiths, University of London.

Keep It Like A Secret

Acrylic, vinyl transfer

90 x 10 x 0.5 cm (set of 4)


With reference to Barthes’ fragment of ‘Dark Glasses’, the deliberate act of hiding is key in these works. The use of fragmented messages signifies the relationship between revealing and concealing of information. With this barrier in between the lover and the beloved, it impedes the ability to communicate naturally which often results in the demise of most relationships.

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