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Venice, Italy (威尼斯),1992, Oil on Canvas, 73.5 x 73.5 cm

Artwork Highlight

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is an internationally famous landmark, one of the most iconic in Italy. Hundreds of thousands flock to the town, one of the most visited European cities, to pose with it. However, most might not be aware of the sheer number of leaning towers that exist, including this campanile located in Venice. A freestanding belfry part of San Giorgio de Greci, it sits along the river near the famous Bridge of Sighs. Using a rosy palette, Koeh Sia Yong paints a romantic view of the tower. Rendered in light touches of blue and white, its facade contrasts brilliantly with the dusky colours of the surrounding buildings. The fractured reflections of the sky in the canal waters cleave a bright line that leads straight into the foreground, showing Koeh’s masterful use of one point perspective in this painting. It is an invitingly picturesque scene.

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