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Arina Binte Khaharuddin 
Brendon Goh Zheng Kang 
Brenda Tan 
Hazirah Binte Abdul Rahman 
Joshua Caleb Chng 
Nuraishah Binte Rashid 

A collective chorus of emerging sensibilities driving to drown out conventions by shifting the senses to the typically unseen, unheard, and unfelt. 
These artists challenge the conventions of form, from found objects to the performative. In turn, these forms further push the undercurrent tensions in a modern contemporary society, from discussing inconvenient taboos to nuances of the human existence. As such, man's worldly interactions as well as the emotive psychology within are being put to question. 
This leads to a blurring of boundaries between the ends 
of "socially acceptable" to defiance. 
It is now time, to take a breather from the drowning chaos of society, and hear us out... 

This exhibition is a part of Straits Gallery's Open Call (III)

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