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Ana Osprey

Eva Mansor

Lucas Tan


Siew Guang Hong

Sabina Kim

Terence Tan

Ummi Rahima


In quiet voices, nature speaks to us. Their seeds and spores creep into sterile spaces, breathing life into voids. Taking root and occupying spaces as they deem fit. Most of us are unable to live unapologetically as we like, mostly because we have a conditioned response to societal expectations. 


Perhaps if there was a green space where we connect with nature and find peace and rest, it might help us break free from these constraints. Giving us the strength to occupy spaces like plants and water bodies do. 


Let us be mindful that our relationship with plants does not turn to one of parasitism in our pursuit of self-expression, as we have the tendency to keep taking and exhausting resources. 


Let us develop a symbiotic relationship with nature in return for always healing and sustaining us, before we pressure nature to evolve and finally rid themselves of us.


Curatorial Statement by Jacintha Chan



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