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Just like how a seesaw is in a constant state of flux, the self is perpetually changing as it’s always influenced by our environment. Our identity morphs, adapts to, and fluctuates with our surroundings, taking little pieces of others and the energy from spaces into ourselves as we go along. 

As people, we are continuously evolving. This raises the question, how much of our original self is left if we constantly absorb information into our bodies? We experience tensions in life whenever we interact with the world, whether through another person or the environment, we are inhabiting. 

With each individual approaching the changes in their lives differently, SeeSaw is an Exhibition where our artists confront, amend and cope with tensions and conflicts in their daily lives.

Here, at Straits Gallery, three artists will delve into the tension and conflict present in that question. We are proud to present SeeSaw, a group exhibition featuring works from Rofi, Kass, and Kang Ah Young. Though their works differ in medium, a clear argument can be seen. Kass's idea of inherent tension present in one's self-identity is echoed in Rofi's work, which literalises the push and pull of the relationship between power and men through humanoid figures. Finally, Kang Ah Young looks at those who are displaced by these shifting dynamics, alienated by others for their transformation or from themselves by their changed state.

Featuring Artists:

Rofi(b.1970, Singapore)
Kass (b.1992, Singapore)

Kang Ah Young (b.1996, South Korea)



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