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Koeh Sia Yong: Retrospective is a comprehensive celebration of the esteemed artist Koeh Sia Yong, a second-generation Nanyang artist, spanning his six-decade-long career. This exhibition showcases a remarkable collection of his works from 1957 to 2023, offering a glimpse into his artistic journey and evolution.

Born in Singapore in 1938, Koeh Sia Yong is a versatile artist proficient in various art forms. He graduated from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Art in 1958, specializing in Western Painting. Since then, he has dedicated himself to the pursuit of his artistic career, diligently creating fine art paintings that have garnered recognition and appreciation.

Throughout his artistic exploration, Koeh has honed his mastery of oil painting, among other mediums such as woodblock printing, sculpture, and political cartoons. His works skillfully blend impressionism and expressionism, bearing a distinct Nanyang (Southeast Asian) characteristic impression. While he often depicts Singapore's landscapes, his love for natural scenery and foreign cultures has led him to travel extensively, seeking inspiration and exhibiting his remarkable artwork. Notably, Koeh spent several years living in Bali, Indonesia, where he produced numerous masterpieces capturing the essence of the island's scenery, people, and culture.

Koeh Sia Yong's artistic prowess has been widely recognized through his participation in numerous art exhibitions, both locally and internationally. His solo exhibitions have been acclaimed, and major Chinese and English newspapers, such as the Straits Times and Lianhe Zaobao, have reported on his achievements. He has also been featured in esteemed publications like Asian Artists, Contemporary Singapore Artists, and Singapore Artists Directory.

Today, Koeh Sia Yong stands as one of Singapore's most prominent artists, with his artworks highly sought after by collectors worldwide. His creations reflect the social dynamics and historical events of his time. Furthermore, his dedication and contributions to the art community are commendable. He has served as the President of the NAFA Alumni Association for nearly a decade and holds the position of Treasurer at the Federation of Art Societies. Additionally, Koeh has devoted his time and energy as an exhibition officer for the Singapore Art Society and the Federation of Art Societies for several decades.

Koeh Sia Yong's Retrospective not only celebrates his artistic achievements but also pays tribute to his remarkable contributions to the art world and the community. It is a testament to his enduring talent and unwavering passion for the arts.



Clarke Quay_79.5x99.5_2008_oil on canvas.jpg

Clarke Quay (克拉码头), 2008, Oil on Canvas, 79.5 x 99.5 cm

Paris, France (法国巴黎), 1992, Oil on Canvas, 63 x 79 cm

Unknown Lady (无名女士), 1962, Charcoal on paper, 47 x 30 cm

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