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Opening on 9 September 2023, the exhibition is centred around the artist's decades-long career. A master of watercolours, Lee's style tends towards the expressionistic and borderline abstract as he depicts local scenes with fervour. Focusing on both rural and urban landscapes, his art becomes a record of ordinary people's lives. Over 150 of the artworks featured in Lee's first-ever monograph, 'House of Lee Choon Kee' will be showcased in the exhibition. Notable works from the collection include rare double-sided paintings, as well as a host of selections from the 1960s to 2010s. Join us for this celebration of Lee's life and art!


Lee Choon Kee 李运启


Renowned for his watercolor works, Lee Choon Kee is a second-generation Singaporean Chinese artist with an enduring passion for his craft. Educated at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), Lee mastered both Western and Eastern painting techniques, giving rise to the distinctive "Nanyang Style" celebrated by Southeast Asian and Singaporean artists.

Lee's art is a tribute to the ordinary, portraying scenes from bustling kopitiams to serene waterways, all reflecting the daily lives of the working class. His works often adopt an abstract quality, influenced by traditional Chinese calligraphy, evoking memories rather than strict reality. Lee's true fascination lies in urban spaces, capturing the overlooked alleys and courtyards. His art serves as a testament to preserving the local landscape amidst Singapore's modernization.

An avid traveler since the 1990s, Lee backpacked alone, seeking subjects worldwide, enriching his artistic perspective.

Actively engaged in the local arts community, Lee is a founding member of various organizations.

Despite the challenges of aging, Lee's creative spirit remains undiminished, committed to painting, his lifeblood.





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