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Special Preview:

Chieu Shuey Fook Solo Exhibition

Straits Gallery presents Special Preview: Chieu Shuey Fook Solo Exhibition, featuring works by acclaimed local artist, Chieu Shuey Fook. 

The exhibition will showcase a variety of works from his oeuvre, ranging from his well-known metal reliefs to other mediums, such as batik and even mixed medium pieces combining ceramic and resin. Moving beyond realism, the artist specialises in abstract works, with recurring subjects of Singapore's landscape and still lifes. All which possess a certain dream-like quality.


Featured Artworks:



Untitled, 2006, Metal Relief, 152 x 121.5 cm


Untitled, 1971, Batik, 38 x 44.5 cm


Nonya Dress, 2008, Metal Relief, 122 x 152.5 cm

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