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Koi Pond_2002_73x118cm_oil on canvas (1).jpg

Koi Pond (锦鲤池), 2002, Oil on Canvas, 73 x 118 cm

Artwork Highlight

Despite all being of the same subject matter—Koi fish—Koeh Sia Yong manages to inject variety into this series. Each painting is rendered in his familiarly energetic impressionistic style, the oil paints blurring and smudging at times to enhance the effect of water flowing around the fishes' slick bodies. In the leftmost painting, the water is dark, each fish a shining spot of scales amidst the cool water. In the middle painting, the water seems calmer, though no less lively as each koi boasts unique scale patterns and colourings. The rightmost painting is the Koeh most frenetic one yet, as the koi all but blend into the golden water. The red and white koi, called ‘Kohaku’ after the Japanese word for ‘amber’, help balance the overwhelming gold in this piece. With the luxurious spread of gold, red and white laid out in these paintings, Koeh shows exactly why the Koi is considered a symbol of wealth and fortune.
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