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Grace Angel

Grace Angel (b. 1999, Medan, Indonesia) is a multidisciplinary artist based in Singapore. Her works often explore the beauty of human nature and its imperfections. Through some exploration, she has been able to examine the context of her interest in different experience of drawing, painting, printmaking and installation. But she is more known of her approach to drawing and printmaking based work. In her current practice, she focuses more on restoring the forgotten memories of the historical incidents that happened in Indonesia. Aligning them with the notion of self-identity and discovery, her work looks into the thematic exploration between inhabited and abandoned spaces. And slowly moving into tackling the complex issues of abandonment and memory in the current context of society. Grace is currently a graduate with a degree Honours in Fine Art Practice from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) in partnership with University of Central Lancashire (UCLan). She has also been awarded the Best Graduate Award 2021, Killiney Commendation Prize, NAFA Bursary (Degree) AY 2020/2021, Dean's List Award AY 2019/2020, HiArt Scholarship (Diploma) AY 2018/2019 and AY 2019/2020, Semifinalist of the 6th Indonesia International Print Triennial Competition 2018 and Tan Chay Bing Entry Merit Award (Diploma) AY 2017/2018. Grace has since exhibited in Vitality and Imagination: recent and other works from the NAFA Collection in Singapore, Moving Plates in Singapore, Surviving in the Concrete Jungle in Singapore, Best of Best 2021 and 2020 in Singapore, What Does Reality Look Like in Singapore, Exploring Southeast Asia in Singapore, World 50 Best Restaurant with Singapore Tourism Board in Singapore. Her works have also been collected by both Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and the Woon Brothers of Singapore.

I Win You Lose, You Lose I Win,

Technical pen on paper

25 x 28 cm


I Win You Lose; You Lose I Win is a time durational series of work that touches on the remedy of pain and struggles, whether it’s internally or externally. In a battle or competition, despite of anything, there will be a winning and a losing. From the time of 2019 to 2022, internal struggles like encountering sicknesses and external struggles like the obligatory adaptation with our surroundings and environments have also caused many mental struggles maybe not only to myself but also to many others. As time passed by, I have come to realize that there’s always a struggle that we have to face as a human being; whether it’s within our own self or with others, and in spite of everything, if I win you will lose and if you lose, I will win.


Aluminium Plate Lithography on Fabriano paper

53.7 x 37 cm


Enlightenment is a lithograph print that touches on the idea of human interaction in the age of technology advancement. Also inspired by Marina Abramovic performance titled The Artist is Present, this work stands to censure on how technology has seemed to be in our primary needs that it has replaced the beauty of actual human interaction. Depicting on the print is two eyes looking into each other. Only the eyes were shown to act as a metaphor of delivering emotions and communicating without words, just by staring and reaching ‘Enlightenment’.

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