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Jaxton Su

Working between the mediums of painting, installation and video art, Jaxton Su is currently interested in exploring the spatial possibilities pertaining to private and virtual realms in our hyperconnected world. He holds a Master of Fine Art from The Glasgow School of Art (UK) and was recently awarded the StudyUK Alumni Award in Culture and Creativity.


Video Art

Duration: 7 min 36 secs


Honjok explores the idea of private spaces in the shoes of a single person living in Singapore. Different circumstances such as discriminatory housing policies, inflation, etc. have affected how and when a single person can afford a house - a personal space, causing many to still live with their parents or share a rented place. Inspired by this, the work titled Honjok, a neologism combining hon (alone) and jok (tribe), reimagines the possibility of private spaces for the lone person, where the bathroom - a transient non-place that is usually taken for granted and where people generally do not spend much time in, might offer that moment of solitude that one longs for, as well as being a place of boundless possibilities. The video examines the uncharted facade of the “bathroom” as a private place as it merges with other familiar everyday spaces, forming a surreal experience for the honjok.

截圖 2022-06-12 下午4.04.22.png
截圖 2022-06-12 下午4.04.18.png




Duration: 2 min 20 secs


In Ostinato, the volcano alludes to the unpredictable and sublime nature of the mind. The work features the artist conducting to a self-composed tune within an otherworldly landscape of erupting volcanos - a metaphorical projection of the evolving and episodic nature within our inner psyche.

Against the tide I from

Oil on canvas

80 x 79 cm, 2015

Solace in the strangest places

Oil and acrylic on canvas

36 x 25 cm



Oil on canvas

60 x 79 cm


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