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Lee Cai Jun

Lee is a multi-disciplinary visual artist that specialises in ceramics, sculpture, installation art, and illustration. Lee holds a Master's degree in Contemporary Art Practice from Edinburgh College of Art, The University of Edinburgh. She graduated with a Diploma (Distinction) from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts under Georgette Chen's Scholarship of Art with a major study in ceramics and a minor in sculpture. Lee has showcased at exhibitions and participated in art events and artist residencies overseas. Lee has curated and organised various group exhibitions locally. Such as Contemporary Ceramic, 4 Elements, Clay.Sound, etc. Lee is an experienced educator in facilitating children with special needs and visual art education. She has taught at NAFA Junior Art Department (2008 - 2010) and art enrichments/programs at various local schools and kindergartens since 2006. In recent years, she has been working with seniors at senior care centres, introducing customised art programs that cater to their needs.


Living in a multi-racial country surrounded by rich cultural diversity has intrigued my interest in the world of myths and folktales and how these stories are being revised across different countries, cultures and time period. I research on the cultural anthropology aspects of traditional customs and stories relating to nature, adapt symbolical elements, revised and bridged the past and present cultural practices and incorporate into my theme. Together with their strong illustrative and ritualistic natures, narratives provoke different intentions, forms and functions emphasising their flexibility and potential to enhance the psychological state of the mind to dream of other possibilities in the realistic and structured world. My works aim to blur the perceptual boundaries between real time space and the fiction of art, letting the imaginary state becomes the moment of consciousness.

Potted Series 01

Mixed medium Ceramic

W9.5 x L9 x H6.5 cm


Colour Pigment & Paper Series 01

Mixed Medium

31.5 x 24 cm, 2022

Ceramics was Lee’s starting point as a visual artist. As the years go by, she has picked up other art disciplines that widens the approach in which her works develop. The Potted series is returning to the beginning and explores new approaches in clay making, “不忘初 心,方得始终”. This series explores contemporary art creations and pushes the boundaries of traditional ceramic making and the versatility of the medium.

Colour and paper are basic materials artists use in their art making. This series explores the medium-specificity, post-medium and the medium’s multisensory and multidimensional qualities with different processes.

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