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Myrthe Biesheuvel

Myrthe Biesheuvel is an emerging visual artist born and raised in The Netherlands. She studied for a BFA with a concentration in Painting at the University of North Carolina Charlotte in the USA and got a diploma in Classical Painting and Drawing Techniques at the Wackers Academie in Amsterdam. Myrthe currently lives and works in Singapore. In August 2021 she had her first solo exhibition, Dreamscapes, at the Gillman Barracks in Singapore. Myrthe uses all kinds of mediums but oil paint is her favorite: 'I love the tactile quality and the directness of painting. In a world where we spend many hours a day on our phones and computer, it is liberating to use other senses like smell and touch and soothing to focus on one image for a longer period of time.'

Little India, Oil on linen

122 x 92 x 3.5 cm


St Martin,Oil on linen

100 x 120 x 2 cm


In "St Martin" and "Little India," Biesheuvel paints landscapes with a dreamlike and sometimes dark quality. In search of a deeper dimension, She explores the border of realism and surrealism, creating places of liminality. Biesheuvel's paintings touch on themes of escapism, the unconscious, and the relationship between humanity and nature. Her latest works are heavily inspired by the natural world as well as the urban jungle of Singapore.


Oil on canvas, 70 x 50 cm


Nighttime Construction,

Oil on linen, 122 x 91 cm


In "Transfiguration," rather than painting a copy of a begonia maculata, Biesheuvel challenged herself to create something visually stimulating beyond likeness. She focuses on shapes, textures, color, and mood while letting go and being open to the unpredictable. At a certain point, the painting made her feel so desperate that it was thrown onto her balcony and left in the rain for two weeks. Eventually, she picked it up, suddenly seeing its potential, and found the inspiration to finish it. The result is a plant that seems to reside in several dimensions and a constant state of flux.


When the sun goes down, the heat in Singapore gives way to a cooler night breeze and buzz of nightlife. People go drinking and shopping, and the streets get crowded and festive. But sometimes, construction work continues. Traveling home at night, Biesheuvel was captivated by this scene of a lonely figure sitting by a hole in the road.
Although the painting has been interpreted in various ways by others, for Biesheuvel, it is about finding/creating your place in the world. She thinks many artists can relate to this theme. As Biesheuvel has been living in different countries, finding her home has become a central topic in her life.

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