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Nathan Tan

Nathan Tan (b. 1995) is a Singaporean artist and printmaker. His practice revolves around documenting everyday recordings of human trails across Singapore’s overlooked corners via methods including found objects and unique compositions. Through his technically proficient and stylistically varied printmaking, he provides windows for audiences into his ecosystemic narratives, which include both environmental and anthropological concerns. Tan has been affiliated with STPI, as a workshop instructor at STPI’s 2021 Open House. A backer for Open Print Exchange, Tan has exhibited in a solo exhibition, 2022’s “Blue Imprint: FEEDfragileBACK”, held at HEARTH by Art Outreach in Gillman Barracks. Group exhibitions, including 2022’s “The Grad Expectations” and “SOAD x Collabs Showcase” at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and 2021’s “Imagining New Futures”, held at Gillman Barracks. He is currently graduating from NAFA with a Diploma in Fine Art, having previously served as the Student Representative for NAFA’s Fine Art Programme (2020-22).

Float to Sink and Repeat... (Blue Imprints)

Screen-print with Embossing Ink on Laser Cut Plywood

Variable sizes


Behind this series of laser cut screen-prints is an exploration of human interventions, focusing on the act of feeding. The action is usually associated with cooking, food, the mouth, and the body. In this series, we are shifting the perspective on what feeding can be in the context of Singapore’s waterways.

The objects in this series represent nonsensical feeding, as the trash commonly found in all waterways in Singapore. Ironically, as a clean and green garden city, trash is seen scattered across areas that hold famous landmarks of Singapore. Further inspection of the riverbanks would reveal even more trash hidden beneath the water surface, away from the public sight.

Therefore, the series conveys the impact of water pollution on nature and the water quality for our daily consumption.

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