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Olga Sho

Olga Sho is an artist based in Singapore who uses different forms of drawing as a process of thinking, cognition and reflection on social phenomena such as alienation, anxiety, interpersonal contradictions and conformity. Conceptually and visually, she draws on the theory of systems, networks and chaos, transferring structures, patterns, movement and state of balance into drawings on paper and wall installations, to evoke feelings of interconnectedness and shifting realities. Her works tend to employ a monochromatic palette using broad swashes of colour, with refined details layered on top. Olga’s artistic practice is linked with her professional experience in data science. Olga has exhibited in group shows in Singapore and Russia. Having foundation in academic drawing Olga is pursuing MA Fine Arts degree in contemporary research practice at Lasalle College to broaden her artistic vision.

Three me

Ink, pencil, pastel on paper

50cm x 40cm x 3


The work is a reflection on a different states that a person goes through accepting complex situations. At first the situation perceived as complex, confusing, multi-facet and overall chaotic. With time our mind structures complexity and starts identifying key topics, chunks of information; some aspects becomes blurry and disappear. At the final stage the main idea or decision reveals itself even though it remains impact by changing surrounding.

A stream of crystal clarity in a landscape of anxious consciousness

Ink, pastel, pencil, gold leaf on paper

70 x 50 cm


The work is a part of series reflecting on cognitive processes that a person experience going through a period of anxiety.The series "a stream of crystal clarity in a landscape of anxious consciousness" was born in 2021 as a contemplation over many people experiencing increased feeling of anxiety due to global uncertainties and changes. An abstract drawing starts with a chance of ink flow and then the surface is worked on by the artist to slowly reveal emerging patterns and structures, to build up some certainty. The visual forms of torus (a donut-like shape) represent the idea of social connections, how new communities are born and old dissolved or transformed into something new.

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