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Ooi Si Lin

Over the years of pursuing art, Si Lin's practice has largely focused on conveying complexity and depth of human emotions, aiming to capture the psychological and emotional states of subjects with strong and confrontational visuals. Recently gained deep interest in internet and screen culture, she begins exploring topics on 21st century living in animation and collages full of satire and humor with the incorporation of omnipresent images like meme, anime, stock photo, art history. Si Lin firmly believes that art needs to be fun and is for everyone.

I Want to Eat Your Butterfly: Yellow Boi Odyssey

Video Art

Duration: 3 min 45 secs



I Want to Eat Your Butterfly: Yellow Boi Odyssey depicts the predicament of a comical character (Yellow Boi) who is perpetually caught in the never ending loop of consumption as corporates constantly create the lack, then claim that their products can fulfil the lack. Messages delivered through the animation are suffused with humour, ridicule and irony to bring attention to the circumstances that we face in modern society.

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